Do your teams care about your business?

Whether you are a senior leader, startup founder or an executive in a large organisation, it’s often hard to communicate convoluted strategies, complex business models and financial underpinnings of the business to everyone in a way they understand and remember. It’s even harder to get everyone to be interested and genuinely care about moving the business forward.

When it comes to delivering such messages, think as if you are delivering the message first and foremost to the most junior person in company e.g. a fresh graduate intern.

It’s because if the junior person gets it, others will get it too and everyone appreciates simple and straight forward messaging.

Your company’s vision and how that vision adds meaning to the work people are doing should be the most repeated message anyway. This post is when you want to talk about the business mechanics to an audience.

The starting point is to talk about business in its most simplistic form e.g. we generate revenue by selling a product X or a service Y at a price that makes good profit on those sales. In order to do that, we need good management of expenses, revenue and gross profit.

The question to pose to others and to clarify your own thinking is:

How much expense is required to produce a dollar?

The answers to this wonderfully simple question builds empathy towards the business, and your employees may not see it as a blank cheque or something to take from. You can also use the same analogy to remind team leads and managers to keep expenses and hires under control, and make sure they can demonstrate every new hire they request must be able to make a difference to the bottom line in real dollar value.

At the end of the day,

An organisation is nothing more than the collective intelligence of it’s people to create value.

That value is created by people, who are your biggest expense as well as your biggest asset.

The first step to get the best out of people is to make them care about your business.

A small passionate team that genuinely cares about the business will provide many fold returns compared to teams that are just doing their best jobs.


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